Water Damage Photo Gallery

Carpet has significant water damage from a pipe break.

Carpet Water Damage

After a pipe break, this carpet suffered from significant water damage in Scottsdale, AZ.  We have equipment to extract the water quickly to prevent further damages.  We were able to dry properly and restore back to pre water conditions. 

Equipment in Place

SERVPRO of Scottsdale has professional drying equipment clean and ready to respond to any type of residential water loss. The team removed drywall and put air movers in place for quick and efficient drying. 

Ceiling Water Damage

SERVPRO of Scottsdale was called to this home to find water damage in the ceiling from a pipe break.  The team has drying techniques and equipment to put in place for quick and effective drying. 

Broken Pipe

This home suffered a water loss due to a broken pipe in the wall. Our team came in and handled all the repairs quickly. If your home suffers a water loss, give us a call!

Equipment At The Ready

This home suffered a heavy water loss and our team was called in to help. In this image you can see some of the equipment has been offloaded and staged for placement inside the home.

SERVPRO of Scottsdale Water Loss

SERVPRO of Scottsdale was called to this water loss and was able to extract and get the facility dry quickly. If you have any questions about the water restoration process, feel free to contact us at anytime.

Water damage restoration in Scottsdale

Our team responding to a water damage restoration in Scottsdale. We were quick to start extracting the water and get the drying equipment in place. Timing is critical to make sure secondary damages do not occur. 

Water Damage in Scottsdale

Our team is quick to respond in Scottsdale to start the drying process in on any water loss. SERVPRO of Scottsdale makes sure we are quicker to any situation to make sure we minimize damages and get the job done right.