Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold and Drywall Removal

Significant mold damage was found on the ceiling and walls of this Scottsdale, AZ garage. The team responded immediately to begin Mold Remediation. The technicians are trained with techniques and cleaning equipment to safely remove the mold damage and restore back to normal conditions. 

Garage Mold Damage

The professionals at SERVPRO of Scottsdale is your trusted restoration company in Mold Remediation. The team arrived quickly to treat and remove the mold safely. Once the damaged drywall was removed the surrounding areas were cleaned and treated for rebuild. 

Moldy ceiling Damage

Mold was found in the insulation of this Scottsdale home.  SERVPRO was called and assessed the damages.  The team is professionally trained in Mold Remediation and how to properly clean and treat the areas effected. Contact SERVPRO for your Mold Remediation.

Mold Loss in Scottsdale

There was significant mold damage found in the closet where the air conditioning unit was stored.  Proper ventilation is important to ensure moisture and water aren't present in which mold or mildew will grow.  Contact us for professional help with your Mold.

Mold Damage to drywall

There was a significant amount of mold found on this wall in Scottsdale.  SERVPRO responded immediately to assess the mold damage.  The team has Mold experts ready to respond to your Mold Remediation needs.  Contact us at SERVPRO.

Molded Wall

This Scottsdale property owners had no idea that one of their apartments had been abandoned with water damage for as long as it was.

It was when they were notified of a foul smell from another tenant that they visited and found this mold eating away at the walls.

After having it tested we were given the proper protocol on how to remediate it.