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July 4th Firework Safety

6/22/2022 (Permalink)

Firework sparkler Practice firework safety this July 4th!

Outdoor barbecues, sparklers, fireworks and good ol’ family time are just some of the activities many Americans will be taking part in for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. It is a time where many families will celebrate our country’s independence and partake in colorful firework displays that will light up the sky and dazzle the eyes of many.

According to the National Safety Council, “fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires each year, including 1,300 structure fires, 300 vehicle fires and nearly 17,000 other fires” ( When it comes to fireworks, Scottsdale residents must heed caution as Arizona law states that “the only legal fireworks are actually firecrackers and ground explosives.” Fireworks being used in a hot and dry desert climate are dangerous as dry brush can easily catch on fire and threaten nearby homes and businesses. Here are some firework safety tips that Arizona residents should exercise this July 4th holiday.

Firework Safety Tips

  • Have a fire extinguisher or water on hand.
  • Never use illegal fireworks.
  • Supervise children when they are handling fireworks.
  • Do not use fireworks if you are impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • Do not light fireworks indoors.
  • Use fireworks in a safe location that is away from your home and any flammable material.
  • Never point or throw lighted fireworks at anyone.
  • If a firework is not working, do not attempt trying to relight it.

You Can Count On SERVPRO of Scottsdale!

6/21/2022 (Permalink)

Servpro trucks SERVPRO of Scottsdale is always here to help!

SERVPRO of Scottsdale has helped many commercial properties in Scottsdale who have dealt with water and fire damage. When you find your business dealing with a predicament such as a broken water pipe, overflowing toilet, a leaky water heater, or an electrical fire, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Scottsdale.

SERVPRO is the #1 choice in fire and water cleanup and restoration

Our SERVPRO professionals have the training and expertise to help make the damage that has occurred in your business “Like it never even happened.” No matter what the circumstance is that has landed you in hot water, don’t delay. Give SERVPRO of Scottsdale a call right away! We are available 24/7 for water damage emergencies where standing water is involved.

Call 480-998-7989

Protect And Prepare Your Scottsdale Home For Flooding

6/15/2022 (Permalink)

Flooding on property Monsoon season is officially here!

According to the (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the Southwestern region of the United States’ monsoon season officially begins today, June 15th through September 30th. Monsoon storms typically don’t arrive until late June or early July, but these storms are always welcomed as Scottsdale residents face scorching temperatures during the hot summer months. As Scottsdale residents anxiously await for monsoon storms to arrive, here are some tips on what to do to protect your home from flooding.

Protect Your Home

  • Inspect your home’s drainage system to ensure that it’s clean and clear of any blockages and that it is working properly.
  • If your property is prone to flooding, have some sandbags on hand just in case as it can serve as a flood barrier.
  • Maintain the landscaping in your yard so that the water flows away from your home and doesn’t pool in your yard.
  • If you have a drywell in your home, be sure to inspect it and make sure it is clean and clear of any clogs.
  • Review your home’s insurance policy and make sure you have flood insurance, especially if you are in an area that is prone to flooding.

Safety Tips For Outdoor Grilling

5/27/2022 (Permalink)

Outdoor grilling SERVPRO of Scottsdale would like to wish you a Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day is next Monday, May 30th which means many Americans and their families will be commemorating the holiday weekend. Memorial Day is a day for many to remember and honor military personnel who’ve lost their lives. During this time, many will be spending time with their loved ones. SERVPRO of Scottsdale would like to provide you with some grilling safety tips. According to the National Fire Protection Association (, the United States averages about 8,700 grill and BBQ fires per year.

Grilling Safety Tips

  • Place your grill on an area that is flat and stable and at least 10 feet away from your home.
  • Make sure there is no dead brush or grass around your grilling area.
  • Be sure to have a fire extinguisher on hand and you know to properly use it.
  • Use a grill brush to clean off any excess grease and food buildup.
  • If you are using a gas grill, check for any gas leaks by applying a soap and water mixture to the hose that connects the propane tank to the grill. When doing this, look for any bubbles which could indicate wear and tear and require a replacement.
  • Use caution when using lighter fluid and don’t go overboard when using it.
  • Do not leave the grill unattended to, be sure that someone is always nearby.

We hope that by applying these simple steps to your weekend barbecuing, you can avoid a potential fire from occurring. 

Here To Help During Monsoon Season

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

Flowing water SERVPRO is available 24/7 for water damage emergencies caused by storms.

Did you know that SERVPRO is a leader in fire and water cleanup and restoration? SERVPRO is a premier cleaning and restoration company that is here to help your home or business and doing our best to help get your property back to preloss conditions.

2022 Monsoon

With monsoon season well on its way, SERVPRO of Scottsdale is here to help you if your home or commercial property experiences any water or storm damage during our monsoon storm season. In previous summer monsoon months, we have seen water damage on properties occurring from roof leaks and flooding, mud slides and blown over trees from high winds causing roof damage to homes and businesses.

Always Here To Help

No matter what the case may be, SERVPRO of Scottsdale is always here to help!

Toilet Overflowing and Clog Prevention

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

Toilet If your toilet is overflowing, give SERVPRO of Scottsdale a call to handle the cleanup.

Plumbing accidents such as an overflowing toilet can lead to panic thinking of the damage, cleanup, and germs and bacteria affecting your home or business. Luckily, SERVPRO of Scottsdale has experience in dealing with these mishaps and can help ensure your damage is mitigated according to industry standards. Here are some tips to avoid an overflowing toilet from occurring on your property.


If you are a business owner, you need to make sure that proper signage is posted in the bathroom that indicates what items are acceptable to flush.

Trash Cans

Make sure that there are trash cans and waste bins available for non-flushable items such as sanitary napkins.

Thinner Toilet Paper

Using thinner toilet paper breaks down easier and prevents toilets from clogging.

Toilet Seat Safety Locks

If you have smaller children around, make sure that you have a child safety toilet lock in place so that smaller items like toys don’t cause a clog.

Practice Safety When It Comes To Flooding On Your Scottsdale Property

4/28/2022 (Permalink)

Lightning in sky and clouds Give us a call to handle flooding cleanup and restoration in your home.

Monsoon season is just a few months away and according to the National Weather Service in Phoenix, we are due for a very favorable monsoon season with either near or above-average rainfall chances. With the monsoon season typically beginning in June, SERVPRO of Scottsdale would like to prepare you for what to do when it comes to flood safety, should you ever find yourself in a flooding situation.

Do Not Enter A Moving Flood

If you are on the roadways and you see a flooded road ahead, stop and turn around. It only takes about a foot of water for it to sweep your car away. If you are out and about, never walk or wade into moving waters as it can easily sweep you off your feet. You also never know what chemicals or biohazards could be lurking beneath. You also want to stay out of water during lightning storms as electrical currents traveling in the water can be very dangerous and you run the risk of being shocked.

Obey Emergency Response Crews

Follow the instructions of emergency crews such as first responders and local authorities as they exist to help you and keep you safe. This means following the commands on roadways such as avoiding flooded roadways.

Respond To Water Damage Right Away

If your property is affected by flooding caused by heavy rains, take action right away. Once your property is deemed safe to enter and the risk of electrical shock has been removed, call SERVPRO of Scottsdale. The longer you leave it untreated, the higher the potential you have of mold growth and more extensive damage occurring.

Available 24/7

Contact the professionals right away! SERVPRO of Scottsdale is available 24/7 for flood emergencies to handle the cleanup and restoration.

Prevent These Common Plumbing Problems In Your Business

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded office building SERVPRO of Scottsdale is always here to help!

When you own a business in Scottsdale, it is up to you to make sure everything is functioning properly so that nothing will interfere with your daily productivity, especially when it comes to your buildings plumbing. Here are some common problems that could lead to water damage on your commercial property.

  • Maladjusted water heater
  • Damaged or worn out O-rings on faucets
  • Loose seals on flapper in toilet
  • Faulty gaskets

The best way to avoid these problems from occurring is with preventative maintenance to make sure that everything is working properly. Hiring a qualified plumber can help as they can perform routine check ups and maintenance.

In the event of water damage occurring on your property, you should shut off the water main and give SERVPRO of Scottsdale a call right away before it gets worst. By hiring a plumber to perform regular checks and maintenance, you can save yourself time and money by allowing issues to be detected early on before it gets to a situation that could get quite costly and require your business to close for a bit so  while the restoration takes place.

Be Safe During A Lightning Storm

4/20/2022 (Permalink)

Lightning in the desert Lightning can be dangerous and life threatening. Practice these safety tips during a storm.

Arizona's active monsoon season is just a few months away and according to The National Weather Service in Phoenix, it is predicted that Arizona “is going to have a very wet and active monsoon season, with nearly a 70% chance of precipitation expected to reach near or above normal across the Southwest” (AZ Central). Monsoon season typically brings rain, heavy winds, thunder, and lightning. Thunderstorms and lightning are very dangerous and can potentially pose life threatening risks if you are not careful or heed caution.  Here are some safety tips to put into practice so you know what to do when thunder and lightning are nearby.

  • If you hear thunder five seconds or less after you see lightning, you are in the strike zone so seek shelter immediately in a building or vehicle.
  • When indoors, stay away from doors and windows and avoid using the telephone as electrical wiring does attract lightning.
  • Unplug electronic equipment such as televisions and computers that are not in surge protectors to avoid a power surge that could potentially fry your equipment. Surge protectors protect your equipment to avoid this from occurring.
  • If you are unable to seek shelter and are stuck outdoors, do not stand near trees, electric or metal poles. You need to get at least 7 feet away from tall objects.
  • Do not stand on hilltops or any higher elevated, open areas.
  • Do not stand in water. If you are in a pool, get out immediately.

Always Here To Help!

4/15/2022 (Permalink)

Easter eggs Have a Safe and Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Easter is this Sunday and you know what that means! It is time to start coloring those eggs and getting those baskets and treats ready for whatever you have planned for your Easter Sunday! Temperatures are ideal at this time of year since we have not yet reached those insanely hot, triple degree temperatures.

SERVPRO of Scottsdale is ready to respond to any water damage emergencies you may encounter, even if it is on Easter Sunday. We are available 24/7 for emergencies where standing water or flooding is involved. Our equipment along with our highly skilled technicians are prepared to help with the drying and cleanup you may be facing in your home.

From everyone here at SERVPRO of Scottsdale, we wish you all a Happy Easter!